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Congress In Late 1936, Nicholas Carter of the Atlas Club confirmed the existence of several other organizaqtions sharing his thrust for international justice through democratic ideals, the fight against the rise of Fascisim, and the confronation between modern science and a variety of arcane systems. He organized a two week conference at the estate of Leland Stanford.

Forty representatives of organizations and independent operatives attended, and another sixty contributed with statements and reports of their particular observations on the fight. At the end of the conference a new sense of unity existed and a fragile network was established to support the field work of the agents.

The major groups represented by the forty attendees included:
THE ATLAS CLUB - A society of adventurers organized by Nicholas Carter using the resoruces of wealthy members to creat a world wide network of support for independent teams in the field. The Atlas members include internationally known celebrities, but has a much larger number of more subtle members who act in the interest of justice across the globe.

THE GHOST CORPS - A group of "freelance diplomats" under the guidance of former British Secret Service agent Sir Richard Baker. Baker used his income from chemical patents to back a network of agents, primarily in the Middle East.

CROWN BUREAU X (CBX) - A small branch of British Foreign Service dedicated to those delicate situations where visible participation by the crown could create unpleasant consequences for the Empire. No official headquarters.

SERVANTS OF THE NINE - A band of agents who carry a fight against renegade members of the Immortal Nine, an ancient society which claims to have controlled world history, science and society prior to the 19th Century. The Servants claim that they have no special mysic powers, but deal with a technology from the Nine, which resembles magic in our world.

DEPARTMENT V - A branch of the US War Department created by President Roosevelt to carry out operations against enemy governments, groups and individuals seeking to sabotage western ideals.

In addition to the listed groups, a dozen of the representatives in attendance were freelance agents with agendas of their own that harmonize with the aims of the recognized organizations.